Synthetic blend , or full synthetic
Periodic Oil Change and lube, is the most important  part of auto maintenance
This service should be performed every 3000 miles or 7500 miles if synthetic oil is used .
It gives us the opportunity to become familiar with your vehicle in order to provide the best quality maintenance
Consist of : Drain and refill with  appropriate grade oil , replace oil filter , check condition of  coolant , air filter ,  transmission , brake fluid , power steering fluid . Check condition of drive belt . Check battery and charging system for proper voltage , remove tires and check brakes and suspension, check condition of shock absorbers and struts , check drive shaft boots , check for oil leaks , check for unusual noises , reset maintenance remainder lamp,  Check engine light Scan if illuminated .
At the end,  we provide a report with all discrepancies and an estimate  with schedule of repairs  in order of priority.
If you request a road test, we will be glad to check for
driveability issues .
Please allow 45 minutes . Appointment necessary
Some vehicles require special oils and have over sized oil pans , these items will be extra .